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 Christian Women Entrepreneurs
   Business & Financial Accountability Coaching

Accountability  , Strategic Financial Mastery , Profitable Pricing Strategies  to 6-Figure Success

Trying to achieve 6-Figure Success
without Accountability is  Expensive
Without a Focus Plan you will..
  • Be overwhelmed & lack focus

  • Procrastinate with no Consistent action

  • Feel Guilt and Self-doubt

And that leads to no progress & lack of sleep
I don't want that for you..

I have given many Christian Women Entrepreneurs a solid plan, holding


their hand, keeping them accountable to achieve tangible results fast.


Welcome To

Many Christian Women Entrepreneurs who have been in business for less than 2 years struggle with achieving 6-figure success. Feeling overwhelmed and no clear direction of what to do. 

Let us simplify this for you.

At Journey to Business Success, we help you...

  • Gain confidence in managing your business finances

  • Price your PRODUCTS or SERVICES effectively

  • Achieve 6-figure success

Meet Your

Hi, I am Andrea

As the founder of a bookkeeping firm I have seen first hand the unique challenges Christian Women who have been in business less than two years face trying to achieve 6-figures.


I get it , I was once where you were and as a result I made it my mission to help business owners like you achieve 6-figure success through accountability, strategic financial mastery and profitable pricing strategies.

Over the last 12 years I have helped many business owners struggling to pay themselves what their  worth, by mastering their finances, implement profitable pricing strategies and achieve in excess of 8-figures.


Together, we'll create a focused plan, I'll hold you accountable and unlock the full potential of your business, allowing you to serve your community, invest in your growth and build a kingdom legacy that aligns with your vision.

Andrea C Russell

Your Coach Will Help You

Strategic Financial Mastery  |  Profitable Pricing Strategies | 6-Figure Success

Schedule a Call

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Assess the current situation.

Get a Focus Plan

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Establish a personalized plan tailored to your needs and objectives.   

Achieve 6-Figure Success

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Get financial abundance & business success.

Execute a Focus Plan


Our Clients

Elisabeth Schaser

Front Porch Design Studio

"Andrea's coaching has been an absolute game-changer for me! Through her well-structured planning sessions and insightful exercises, such as envisioning my own obituary, I gained clarity and direction for both my business and personal aspirations. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking a business coach. Thank you so much, Andrea!"

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Leaneice Coakley


"Working with Andrea as my coach has been transformative! Her meticulous approach helped me clarify goals in every aspect of my life. The strategic planning, especially crafting my obituary, ignited my vision and accelerated my progress in both business and personal pursuits. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking profound growth and success. Grateful for her guidance!"

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